How to make a rendering with SolidWorks

How to make a rendering with SolidWorks

  1. Step 1: Select your file

    First go, and select open a file to find your poryect

    Select your file to render

    now you have to piece in solidworks

  2. Step 2: Use the Photo View 360

    select photo view 360

    Now we have all the tools to make a good render

  3. Step 3: Choose a color

    To give a color to our piece, select edit appearance

    Now you can salect many colors, and diferent materials such as plastics, metal, glass, etc

    In this case I´ll select materila plastic, and color blue

  4. Step 4: Make a Scene

    Now I´ll add a scene to make mor realistic the poryect

    To do that, select the tool edit scene

    Now you have this menu

    You can salect many scenes to make more realistic your poryect

    I Select a basic scene, 3 points beige

    to add the scene , you only have to do a double click over the scene

  5. Step 5: Final step

    Move your piece to give a correct orientation

    for example I orient miy piece in that direction

    The next step is to use the tool final rendering

    select add a camara

    in this step you can select the orientation of the camara

    finaly we have our render