make an amination in keyshot

  1. Step 1:

    Open the file you want to make an animation of it

  2. Step 2:

    click animation to make an animation

  3. Step 3:

    click animation wizard to make a movement

  4. Step 4:

    Choose if you want that your part only moves or the camera moves, then choose what kind of movement you want

  5. Step 5:

    choose what you want to animate, i want my whole screwdriver to move

  6. Step 6:

    name the movement so you know what it does afterwards, choose the angle of the movement (if you have a translation,you need to choose the distance), select the axis and the duration of the movement and click finish

  7. Step 7:

    when you fill in something wrong,press the spacebar or double click on the blue line which presents the movement and correct the settings

  8. Step 8:

    click on the play button to see your animation and if you want a rendered preview, click on the preview button (=eye) so you can see how it looks like when it's rendered

  9. Step 9:

    when you want to render your animation, click render (1), than choose animation (2), and than choose render (3)