How to setting Mirror in Vray 4 for Sketchup

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create mirror material using Vray 4 for SketchUp

  1. Step 1:

    Vray 4 has new features not previously available in the previous series such as the Render Element and Textures tab. This new feature is claimed to provide better rendering results.

    To set the mirror in Vray 4 Sketchup, we still use the same method as in vray 3.4 or 3.6. It's just that here we can add a few elements to the setting. The addition of this element will make the material we set look denser.

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    how to create mirror material using Vray 4 for SketchUp

    Let's start, how to create mirror in Vray

    first run the Sketchup program on your computer or laptop. Make sure the Sketchup you are using has Vray installed.

    After that open the Asset Editor, then click Create Asset> Materials then select Generic.

    Rename this material so that later we can easily remember. To rename the material, right click then select Rename. (If not necessary, please skip this step)

    After that, on the Diffuse menu, we move the panel to the left until the color turns black.

    Then open the Reflection menu, then on Reflection Color, please move the panel to the right so that it becomes white.

    scroll down then open the Refraction menu, after that on the IOR menu change the value to 25.

    finally apply this material to the surface of the object by right clicking> Apply to Selection.

    we can add a render element to these settings. Here I have determined what elements I use for this mirror setting.