IronCAD - Multifeature part from one Cross Section

Create a pipe section with flanges at each end, using one circle to drive the bore diameter with flange OD offset from this.

  1. Step 1: Create the bore cross section

    Turn on the World Coordinate System planes, right click the YZ plane and create a profile by selecting "Create Profile"

    Draw a circle and attach a diameter constraint, set the value to 150mm.

    Finish the cross section

  2. Step 2: Create the pipe

    Right click the profile within the scene browser and extrude the section, by choosing Create, and then Extrude

    Extrude to a length of 400mm

  3. Step 3: Edit the pipe

    Right click the new part and choose "Edit Feature Options"

    Within the extrude feature box, expand the "Thickness Feature" section

    Choose single side for the thickness type and a thickness of 50mm

    Finish from the extrude feature

  4. Step 4: Thick Pipe

    You should by now have the following a 50mm thick section of pipe, 400mm long

  5. Step 5: Shell the pipe

    Select the shell tool, and choose Inside

    for the Open Faces select the main outer face shown in green below and enter an thickness of 2.5mm

    Move into the Individual Face Thickness box, and select the two end faces

    Enter a thickness of 5mm

    Finish the command

  6. Step 6: Finish

    The part is now complete, you should have a solid model that looks like this;

  7. Step 7: Change the model

    The model can easily be changed using the two main parameters, the diameter on the cross section and the length can be changed via the extrude handle