IronCAD - Using the Co-ordinate system to create a section

Use the Co-Ordinate systems to create a section plane. This is a handy alternative the section tool, as it does not cut the solid model.

  1. Step 1: Create a new Co-Ordinate system

    Go to the feature menu and click Coordinate system

  2. Step 2: Position the origin

    This opens the dialogue, and in the example below, I've set the point to be the middle of the upper edge of the front frame, see the green dot.

    Pick this and then click the green tick to accept this

  3. Step 3: Make Active

    With the co-ordinate system placed, right click it within the scene browser, and make it active.

  4. Step 4: Create the section

    Position the system so that one of the planes interacts with your model in the desired way,

    Then right click the plane and choose, "Create Section Profile"

  5. Step 5: Edit and Examine the profile

    Now the newly created section can be opened and the section inspected