Lady Ring Modeling

This was a challenge that a group of SolidWorks users set for ourselves. It is not the prettiest ring, but for the purpose of practicing and mastering various surface skills, it does the job very well.
Please, check the 3D files here:
Lady Ring

  1. Step 1: Ring Basics

  2. Step 2: Outside shape of Ring

  3. Step 3: Cont...

  4. Step 4: Boundary Surface & Solidifying.

  5. Step 5: Main Top Nest

  6. Step 6: Leaves modeling

  7. Step 7: Cont...

  8. Step 8: More on Leaves...

  9. Step 9: Modeling the final leaves...

  10. Step 10: Little Pearl Nests

  11. Step 11: Pearl Balls, cont...

  12. Step 12: Main Stone Modeling

  13. Step 13: All Around Head Ornament

  14. Step 14: Spiral Ornament

  15. Step 15: Completing the Modeling.

  16. Step 16: Final Words

    Please, use the 3D files that we uploaded here on GRABCAD.

    And folow the steps.

    Try to model this piece, and you will learn a lot from it.

    Glad to help.