Make shells with variable thicknesses with SOLIDWORKS

The Shell command in SOLIDWORKS is powerful in that it makes you hallow any shape instantly. While many people already know the command, many don't know that it allows you to set up multiple thicknesses in the same model in one go.

Check out this video to know to do that:

You can also follow the steps here

  1. Step 1: Have a solid body built

    This is up to you. You can use any 3D model you have or build something simple like a cube.

  2. Step 2: The shell command setting

    In the shell command property manager, there are two parameters you can enter as numbered in the figure below

    1. In number 1, you can enter the thickness of the shell which you want. This dimension will be applied all over the model.
    2. In number 2, you can adjust your multi-thickness setting. In the selection, you can select the face which you want thicker, then input the thickness dimension there.

    This will get you a multi-thickness shell like the one shown in the figure.

    Extra note: In the multi-thickness option, you can set up more than one face with each face having a different thickness. You can learn more about that in the following video:

    Credit: Video is done by the TforDesign School which has many online SOLIDWORKS courses.