Rounded Coffe Table

Making a Large Coffe Table Using (Fusion 360 , ART CAM ) , And fabricate it USing CNC Machine (Router)

  1. Step 1: Design Using Fusion 360

    First Thing You should do is to open Fusion to Start Designing

    after You opend fusion go to FX icon and press on it to manage to make paramatric Design

    After that you need to desigh a head of the table like i made here (don't Worry I will leave the Designs Down below)

    Then I will Extrude the Shape like this (Extrude it as your Thikness of material)

    Then Draw on the side view the Leg of the Table like this

    And as the previous step ypu need to Extrude it

    Then join all the Shapes together

    And now we can say we are finished the first Step

  2. Step 2: ART CAM

    After you saved the Files you should open Art CAM that you should already installed and Prepare the Files on it (Tool Path , The End mill Thekness , Speed)

  3. Step 3: Machinig

    First Put the Wood on the Table of the Router and hold it with nails

    then Put the G-Code (that you Export it from Art cam) Into the Controller Like That

    Then Opearate the Router and Let it Do the Work (don't forget to choose the proper tool)

    You will have Nice clean cut like this

    I will leave Video to the Machine

  4. Step 4: Assembling

    After we finished from Cutting the wood

    Now we will go to Assemble Process, Most of work will be in sanding the wood and give it nice texture

    You Can Download All the files That I used by the following Link