Sand or Saw Dust Pile

This is how you can make a random pile of sand, saw dust or any other fine particle with few easy steps in SOLIDWORKS. Here the main feature used is 'Dome'. you can find it by simply searching 'Dome' in the search bar of SOLIDWORKS.

Model is on the link:
Pile of Something (Sawdust (Wood Dust) or Sand)

  1. Step 1: Creating Base Sketch

    Select any one plane and create a base sketch of the pile. To make a pile look random, I used 'Spline' from sketch. Ellipse is created to make minimum and maximum limit for spline(it's not compulsory).

  2. Step 2: Extrude the Base

    Use 'Boss-Extrude' feature from Feature tab to simply make a base of your desired height.

  3. Step 3: Creating Plane 1

    Then Create a Plane at desired height from the base. It will be your pile height.

  4. Step 4: Sketching Points

    Sketch few random points around the pile center on the plane you just made.

  5. Step 5: Making Dome

    Now go to 'Dome' feature and select upper face of the base and in point option select sketch you just made. The dome gets formed. You can change the shape of dome just by changing splines (Step 1) and changing points placements (Step 4).

  6. Step 6: Making Dome Pointed (Additional)

    You can just concentrate the points (Step 4) in one place or just create plane above the pile and make few concentrated points.

    Here, select the dome face and the sketch you just made.

  7. Step 7: Final Model

    You can give it an appearance. The sand, sponge, grass etc appearance is on Appearance - Organic - Miscellaneous