Some common problems with sketchs in Solidworks #1

I make this tutorial to help Darkhan Otegen with some common problems with sketch warnings

  1. Step 1: First step

    The first step must be to rebuild the model. Some warnings could disappear

  2. Step 2: Wrong Sketch plane

    A sketch needs a plane or planar face to be created. But if you have a sketch and in successive operations you, by mistake, deleted, the face or plane that you used to create the sketch

    A warning symbol appears beside the sketch.

  3. Step 3: Finding the problem

    Put the mouse pointer over the warning symbol and a warning messages appear like this "Could no find face or plane"

  4. Step 4: Option

    Another option is, point the sketch with problems and rick click. A pull-down menu appears, then click on "What`s Wrong"

    And then...

  5. Step 5: Watching an example

    Take a look on this video.