Transfer Parts between Collaborative Spaces 3DExperience

Here is another ENOVIA Video that shows you how to transfer a parts between different collaborative spaces in the 3DExperience Platform.

You will see how we can use the feature transfer ownership in ENOVIA Collaborative Lifecycle Management application.

And you will also see how to create and add a standard component to an existing assembly.

We will end the video by explaining what is a standard component and how can you differentiate it compare to a simple engineering parts, using the Business Intelligence Essential tool.

  1. Step 1: Video

  2. Step 2: Assembly preparation

    * Better to watch the video linked *

    Create a Physical Product and rename it.

    Insert a Part [1]

    Click on properties and check that this part is in the current collaborative space [A]

    Insert another Part [2] and check properties

    Fixed the Part [1]

    Connect the Part [2] to the Part [1] with a Rigid connection

    Save the assembly

  3. Step 3: Collaborative Lifecycle

    Switch to the Collaborative Lifecycle application on the North quadrant of the compass.

    Click on Transfer Ownership

    Select the Part [2]

    * a small panel appears *

    Click on the rubber, then on the magnifying glass

    Search your name or identifier (try "c0" or "*")

    * all the different collaborative spaces appears with different users as well *

    Select another Collaborative Space [B]

    Click on OK

    * the Part [2] has been moved to Collaborative Space [B] *

    Check that in properties / collaborative space

  4. Step 4: Create a part in a Standard Collaborative Space

    Click under your name (on top right corner of the screen) and switch to a standard collaborative space [C]

    Switch back to Part Design

    Create a Part [3]

    * that case it was a rivet *

    Insert the Part [3] in the assembly

    Connect the Part [3] with Part [2]

    * in that case it was a rigid connection followed by a pattern *

    Save and close the assembly and other tab

  5. Step 5: Business Intelligence Essential

    Click under your name and switch back to Collaborative Space [A]

    Search and open the Assembly

    Go to Tools tab in the action pad

    Click on B.I Essentials button

    * a panel should appears on top *

    Select Collaborative Space Allocation

    * The assembly is now colored in 3 different colors *

    Part [1] is green, located in the current collaborative space [A]

    Part [2] is dark blue, located in the other collaborative space [B]

    Part [3] is light blue, located in the standard collaborative space [C]

    • End of tutorial