Workaround KeyShot not reading SW files...

This is more information that can be useful to many, and not a tutorial per se.
Recent versions of KeyShot are not reading native SW files properly.
Here's an alternative ...

  1. Step 1: The info...

    We, like many, have been experiencing the problem that KeyShot is not correctly processing native SolidWorks files.

    We understand that this is only momentary.

    But we found that archiving the SW model in Catia's Graphics format, the thing works wonderfully.


    I imagine the KeyShot experts will have had a good laugh at this information. Because the truth is that this format (Catia Graphics) is very fast, but the quality of the renderings is not so good. The tessellation is very low, which makes the arcs and circles look staggered. Nevertheless it is extremely fast for preliminary renderings.

    For example, this image bellow was created with the format in question. If you zoom in you will see that the circles (the screw housings) are staggered.

    In contrast, the image above was created from a STEP file, with the tessellation set to "exact". See the difference.

    But anyway, this is an acceptable option if there are problems with the software.

    Try yourselves and let us know.