How to generate a high quality mirror polish surface in 5 easy steps

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Polishing components generated by the DLP or MJP process in 5 steps without chemicals

Saving a Tray on a Template Printer

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If you need to save your material settings and tray arrangement to a USB flash drive or send your tray to someone else, here is a two minute material on how to do so.

Selecting Color in Solidworks and GrabCAD Print

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When creating a model in a CAD program there are certain guidelines that need to be followed to ensure that you can successfully highlight the features that matter to you with different colors. This tutorial teaches users how to edit their CAD files and set-up their printer trays in GrabCAD Print so they can access all of the color options available.

Printing for FDM Printers

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GradCAD Print is the software developed by GrabCAD to plan and execute prints for Stratasys printers. With this tool users can print directly from CAD, plan printing jobs more efficiently, and remotely monitor a print. This tutorial is a short introduction to printing on Stratasys FDM printers.