How to optimize a CAD drawing in AutoCAD

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➤How to optimize a CAD drawing in AutoCAD? If you’ve been working on a file for some time, and you’ve noticed AutoCAD slowing down, then it may be worth doing a bit of a cleanup to help slim that drawing file down. ➤What is an optimized drawing and what are the benefits? An optimized drawing with a minimum amount of unnecessary data tends to perform faster, the drawing load time is significantly better and chances of drawing corruption also reduce to a great extent. ➤In this video I'll show you the most efficient ways of cleaning and optimizing your drawings in AutoCAD. ➤IT IS GOOD PRACTICE TO OPTIMIZE AND CLEAN YOUR DRAWING BEFORE IMPORTING IT INTO OTHER SOFTWARE LIKE REVIT, 3DS MAX ETC. ➤"Drawing Purge" Add-In download https://apps.autodesk.com/en/Publisher/PublisherHomepage?ID=200809200135043

Clean the Cache 3DExperience Cloud

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Hello all, This new video of 2-min tuto shows you how you can Clean the cache and temp of your 3DExperience rich client. The reason you want to do that is that after using 3Dexperience for a while, the software might generate reports or temps file that will slow down a bit the program. The best way to avoid that is to clean the cache from time to time. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe :)