Catia v5 beginner tutorial

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Catia v5 beginner part design tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMwwkUjLOLc

Catia v5 tutorial

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Catia v5 part design tutorial https://youtu.be/Fs3rNeN7Awk

Catia v5 tutorial

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Catia v5 part design tutorial for beginners https://youtu.be/-XpcZ9vGQfU

Catia v5 pipe tutorial

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Catia v5 part design for beginners pipe tutorial https://youtu.be/LqPWtuxBDtU

Steel Construction - 3D CAD

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How to work with a 3D steel construction system, creating columns and beams, staircases, create shop drawings, general plans, , numbering and work with the bill of materials

Caged Soccer Ball

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The CAD model of the caged soccer ball is a meticulous creation inspired by the geometric elegance of the Icosahedron. The initial design consists of two shapes: pentagon and hexagon, oriented at a precise angle of 142.62 degrees, connected by planes. To achieve the desired symmetry, each face on the two base axes (pentagon and hexagon) was individually rotated, creating a harmonious arrangement. The rotation occurred around axes passing through both shapes simultaneously.

Designing a Connecting Rod

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Catia V5 Tutorial: Designing a Connecting Rod https://youtu.be/dEtJeXRalQQ

Catia v5 Tutorial

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Catia v5 part design tutorial https://youtu.be/GhhTm915Q-Y