How to Remove SUP706 Soluble Support on a 3D Printed Part

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Removing SUP706 Soluble Support is quick and easy. Following the best practices ensures that you do not damage or break your part in the process. The following is brought to you by Stratasys.

How to Get Better 3D Printed Transparent Parts

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Printing with VeroClear model material makes translucent both possible and practical. With a little post-processing, you can control the degree of model transparency. The clarity of VeroClear parts will improve after one to two days in an office environment due to the exposure of white light. The following is brought to you by Stratasys.

How to Media Blast FDM Parts

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The normal surface finish of FDM parts is suitable for most purposes, but in applications where a different finish is required, media blasting is an inexpensive and quick solution. Following the best practices helps reduce the risk of damaging or breaking a part when media blasting. The following is brought to you by Stratasys.

How to media blast FDM parts

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Common applications where media blasting is applicable: • Smoothing and polishing for: - Concept models - Prototypes - End-use parts • Surface preparation such as texturing and etching for: - Painting - Electroplating - Mold masters

How to Prepare a 3D Printed Composite Tool for Use

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FDM composite tooling, similar to traditional tooling technologies, typically requires some level of post-processing depending on the size, application, and complexity of the tool. The most common post-processing operation for FDM composite tooling is sealing. The following is brought to you by Stratasys.