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Vlad Syrkin

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. ... build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete


Main specialization: successful solving non-standard technical problems (very similar the GrabCad challenges, but without the right to be a loser :-) Engineer, PhD. I have over 15 years of experience in 3D designing. I am interested in remote working. It is important to emphasize that I have never done the same work twice. Each work was new, so the list of my knowledges is extremely wide (but not deep in some places:-) Professional qualifications in the field of: HVAC, Industrial Design, materials and technology of industrial production , alternative and renewable energy sources, energy saving...etc. Other : statistics, flow modeling, expert systems, fuzzy logic, industrial controllers ...etc. A skilled, conscientious and hardworking engineer needs to eXtra income. Ready to cooperate with organizations or individual engineers. NEGOTIATED FAIR HOURLY RATE (WITHIN $12.00 - $70.00) OR RIGID PRICE MATCH THE VOLUME AND COMPLEXITY OF YOUR PROJECT E:mail : Skype ID: syrkinvk


work experience

Pacific Technical University Teacher September 1982 - January 1992

Teacher at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics

RIM Lead Programmer & analyst January 1992 - January 1998

Small company in field of software development. Lead Programmer & analyst. Development of custom software in various areas: business processes, control highly sophisticated equipment (Mass Spectrometry), expert systems for prediction of mineral deposits (gold and tin).

Khabarovsk Center of Energy and Resource Saving Lead Engineer January 1998 -

Perspective and innovative technical projects, R&D. Engineering company in the field of energy efficiency and the design of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and alternative energy sources



Pacific Technical University Mechanical engineer, honors degree, Internal combustion engines 1977 - 1982

Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School postgraduate studies, PhD, Heat engines 1985 - 1989

Now: Bauman State Technical University ( The thesis in the field of the study of three-dimensional movement of transonic not stationary gas flow in the channels. Goal: To optimize the channel profile and reduce energy losses

Russian-Danish Institute for Energy Efficiency Training, Energoaudit 1998 - 1999

Education in Denmark. Studying Denmark energy saving technologies.

Russian-Danish Institute for Energy Efficiency traning, Heating installations 2001 - 2001

Education in Denmark. Standards of design, installation and maintenance of heating equipment.

United States Department of Commerce Training, Renewable and alternative energy sources 2002 - 2002

Training in the United States. California, Texas, MN;. Visiting more than 30 companies and research centers. Additonal training in in field of business planning.

Moscow Power Engineering Institute Training, Energy audit. 2010 - 2010



Workstation specs: AMD Ryzen 1700X, 3800 MHz (OC), 64 gb RAM (2933 MHz-OC), AMD Vega Frontier edition (16 gb),Custom water coolling system, 2*ViewSonic XG2401 [24" LCD, 144 Hz], Main device: ESI Juli@ Sound Card & amplifier Samson C-que-8 & Audio-Technica AD700 & Audio Technica ATH-M50 :-)
Honors and awards: Winner of international competition Autodesk Inventor Design Contest 2005 (57 countries more than 300 works, for more details ).14 patents for inventions
Interests: Music, photos, tourism

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