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My name is Xenofon Kalogeropoulos, and i am from Greece. Curently I am undertaking my degree in Mechanical Engineering with a MEng in Sustainable Energy Systems in University of Southampton.


work experience

Envitec s.a. Mechanical Designer June 2011 - June 2013

My first position was Photovoltaic Powerplant Analyst. I monitored, controlled and managed a 2MW PV station in the south of Greece. My responsibilities also included building 'activity based' model for the plant as well as performance analysis reports for the management team. Another position was in System's Engineering designing mechanical systems for a Biological Sewage Treatment Unit located in Cyprus.

3M Mechanical Engineer June 2013 -

I am part of SEMS (software, electronics, mechanical systems) within 3M in the UK. My primary responsibilities are Existing Product Development and New Product Introduction around mechanical systems. Within SEMS we do some R&D since we are part of the bigger team of CRL (Corporate Research Laboratories).



University of Southampton Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Systems 2010 - 2014



Workstation specs: Intel Xeon Hex 2.7 16gb corsair Nvidia Quadro K4000
Honors and awards: University of Southampton academic excellence scholarship
Interests: My primary interests are CAD designing, online mmo gaming (but not enough time anymore huh :/). Also I am very active sports-person. I absolutely adore skiing on the steepest slopes of Tirol with HEADski team, and playing football on the university's team. Huge motoring enthusiast, and keen driver as well :D.

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