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Alp Germaner

Germaner Product Design_Concept Art


I am an industrial designer, a concept artist who has started his career in South Africa in 2000. I lived there for 12 years, worked with many industries including, industrial design, point of sale design, furniture design and manufacture, exhibition stand designs.. After moving back to Turkey i started working with a US based company designing plastic molded electronic products which are being manufactured right now. I have also gotten into packaging design for print and small presentation animations and movies with them. I enjoy going back to concept art when i am not working on projects i cannot share due to agreements. Therefore i will be sharing my fun concepts here all in 3d plus renderings and vids i made for them. I hope you enjoy it. Skills / Software used : 1- 3d modeling / i.D. - Rhino 3d (recently worked on new Energizer products for manufacture) 2- 3d rendering / presentation stills - Vray in Rhino + Bunkspeed Shot 3- 2d vector design / packaging for print - Adobe Illustrator (done packaging design for various products for print plus brand identity and logo design) 4- Video edit / Adobe After Effects (includes basic presentation animations all edited with text and sound) 5- Illustration - still editing - Adobe Photoshop PLEASE NOTE - I PROVIDE MY WORKS HERE ON GRABCAD FREE OF CHARGE - YOU MAY USE THEM FOR EDUCATIONAL OR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, HOWEVER YOU DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS, IF YOU USE MY MATERIAL IN ANY WAY THAT MAKES YOU A PROFIT EITHER FINANCIALLY OR WITH YOUR WORLDLY STANDING OR KUDOS, THEN YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE MY EFFORTS BY NAME. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT 3D PRINT MY MODELS BECAUSE I WILL DO THAT MYSELF. LOOKING FOR INVESTORS/ENGINEERS TO CREATE COLLECTABLES FROM MY 3D ART


work experience

Germaner Product Design Member March 2014 -

Available for your freelancing projects. you can view my other two online portfolios at 1- 2- , however they do not share 3d models.



Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Bachelor's degree, Industrial Design 1996 - 2000



Workstation specs: Intel i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 16 MB RAM 64 bit operating system with an extra 21'' monitor extension.
Honors and awards: Most stubborn individual of this century award.
Interests: Motorcycles...

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