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Armin Yousefi Kanani

Helping hands are better than praying lips.


I am a Mechanical Engineer with over 3 years professional experience.I am currently doing my PhD at Lancaster University. I'm trained engineer in technical areas and aspects of engineering including Composite Materials, Structural Impact, Damage of Composite Materials, Delamination of Composite Materials, Failure Analysis Finite Element Simulation and mechanical software (Solidworks, Ansys workbench and APDL, Nx-Nastaran, AutoCAD and Programming). Check my youtube channel for more tutorials: Full ACP tutorial in my page in udemy: Accepting Project: You can donate if you like models: Please note that I cannot answer all questions as I receive high volume of questions and I have limited time to dedicate to answer questions.


work experience

Kaveh Siapa Trainer Engineer March 2013 - September 2013

working for myself CAD modeler May 2013 - September 2016

Doing projects for universities and companies for CAD modeling

Kingston University Teaching Assistant September 2015 - January 2016

Tutorial teaching for engineering drawing module for undergraduate student

Kingston University Teaching Assistant January 2016 - April 2016

Tutorial teaching for design method and material module by using Solidworks software for undergraduate student.

Kingston University Hourly Paid Lecturer February 2016 - April 2016

Teaching FEA simulation with NX software,

Self Employed Freelance CAD Technician July 2016 -

I am an experienced CAD technician with many years’ experience with using AutoCAD, Solidworks, 3D Max, Anys workebench.

Lancaster University Researcher January 2017 - September 2020

adhesive joint



Azad University of Qazvin, Iran BS.c, Mechanical Engineering 2009 - 2013

Thesis title: Optimization of Machining Parameters and Tool Angles in Machining Operations of AISI 1045 Steel.Finite element analysis based techniques for simulation of the cutting process are available and provide several benefits including anticipation of tool forces, disruption of temperature and stress, optimization of cutting tools geometry. However, the flow stress and friction at the work piece material in the cutting zone is not always available. In this Project the effect of changing the angle of cut, depth of cut and speed on the temperature is studied.

Kingston University,London, United Kingdom MSc, Mechanical Engineering 2015 - 2016

Thesis title: Mechanical Characterization of Fibre Reinforced Composite Material and the Buckling Performance of their Laminated Plate.The FRP composite materials are widely used in industry and in this project critical buckling loads of laminated composite plates with different stacking sequences are determined through experimental and finite element method.Tensile and Buckling tests have been used to find out property of material and critical buckling load respectively. I also used Abqus software to find out critical buckling load. The results from these two methods are compared and recommendation for replacing tests with modelling was made.

Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom PhD, Engineering 2016 - 2021

"The use of adhesive joints attracts most attentions due to their advantages of enabling the development of lightweight and cost-effective structures. However, current researches in adhesive joining mainly focus on the joints between same adherends. The aim of the project is to develop and validate a new self-adaptive multi-material adhesive joint (SMAJ), which could adapt the stress concentrations caused by configuration of the joint and mechanical properties of different adherends under both mechanical and thermal loadings. The project will involve design of a new configuration of SMAJ, design of new testing methods, mechanical tests (lap shear, creep/relaxation and fatigue), thermal dynamic tests and Finite element modelling. Finally, the design principles will be summarised."



Workstation specs: Hp Pavilion dv6 INTEL CORE i7 -2630 QM 8 GIB RAM 1TB RADEON GRAPHIC 64 BIT
Honors and awards: Rank of 51 in entrance exam of universities, Qazvin-Iran 2st rank among the students GPA(18.53/20),Qazvin-Iran Technical Education and Vocational Certificate(AutoCad GPA(89.50/100) ) 3D-printshow-challenge (14th Place Winner out of 146)
Interests: walking/ climbing/ running/ reading/ Travelling/ computer game

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