1st - Space pilot tutorial video

Michael went to great effort to develop a storyboard & script for his and the 3rd version is very professional, involving a model and voice over artist. The video gets straight to the point of explaining how the controller cap works and saves you time compared to standard 2D mouse navigation (where he explains that you are limited to positioning and selecting one step at a time). The video highlights the SpaceExplorer’s keyboard modifiers and QuickView keys before a creative ending.

John Moseley, Director of Global Marketing, 3Dconnexion

2nd - 3D Mouse Demo Video

It's comprehensive and it shows what can be done with a pretty nifty bit of kit.

Al Dean, Editor-in-Chief, DEVELOP3D Magazine

3rd - 3dconnexion SpacePilot Demo HD

Pretty damn slick and it shows how they work - perfect.

Al Dean, Editor-in-Chief, DEVELOP3D Magazine

4th - http://grabcad.com/library/3dconnexion-spacenavigator--2

Very artistic way of showing simple user cases

Kaspar Kiis, GrabCAD Engineer

5th - SpacePilot Pro

Jonathan has produced a very complete, professional video. He explains how using a 3D mouse is like holding the model in your hand and explains the professional features of his SpacePilot Pro. Towards the end of the video he makes a great point about how a 3D mouse acts like an “equalizer” across his CAD applications (i.e. delivering a consistent 3D navigation experience). Last but not least, he positions the importance of his 3D mouse very nicely – it’s part of the kit – just like the power supply.

John Moseley, Director of Global Marketing, 3Dconnexion

6th - 3D Mice demo - revision

Lot of information shared with good use of techincal vocabulary.

Kaspar Kiis, GrabCAD Engineer
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