And the winners are...

Thank you to all of the participants! Hopefully, this was a chance for all of you to try something new and add to your skill set. It was great to see GrabCADrs form teams and work out problems together in the comments. Razor, Siemens, KeyShot, and Develop3D were really excited by the response from our Community. You can expect a follow-up to let everyone know whether design concepts were incorporated in a Razor product. Enjoy your new CAD and rendering tools - great work GrabCADrs!

- GrabCAD

1st Place Winner
RAZORSCOOTER: GLIDE MASTER by jonathan.brazeau-3


This design seems like the most completely thought out of the entrants. Love the insight on the design process. It was very complete and very detailed. “Feature Rich” is a good way to describe it - lots of bells and whistles that are integrated pretty accurately. The idea was nicely presented, adjustable, and also looks manufacturable. Looks like a lot of fun to ride. When and where can we buy one? This was a team entry that also included work by Петар Трлајић. Thanks for teaming up!

Manufacturability: 1
Design Thinking: 1
Creativity: 2
Presentation: 2

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

2nd Place Winner
Razor Super Wing L by jake.shannon-1

Razor Super Wing L

The V-bar design shows the designer did some research into the category – or maybe he owns a scooter! V-shape of deck is captured in V-shape of handlebars. Clear design thinking with stability of traction and big wheel at once. We really like the shape and texture design on the deck and that the big, stable upfront wheel opens this up into even younger riders. This design could have benefited from even better presentation.

Manufacturability: 2
Design Thinking: 2
Creativity: 3
Presentation: 5

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

3rd Place Winner
Bullet Scooter by kiwano-1

Bullet Scooter

Interesting and different design. Very clean lines and simple "Scandanavian" design feel to it. We like the idea of smooth moves and one-handed steering, the retro ball handle is a nice addition.

Manufacturability: 4
Design Thinking: 3
Creativity: 1
Presentation: 5

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

4th Place Winner
Razor Electric by sami.kallamaki-1

Razor Electric

This one is different from the others and we like the design thinking. We like the electric angle and lightning details. It's unfortunate that the black background in the render makes it hard to see the detail. We get the feeling Megatron would use this scooter.

Manufacturability: 3
Design Thinking: 4
Creativity: 4
Presentation: 8

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

5th Place Winner
Razor-Ivo-V3 by ivo.alberti-3


It's a nice, clean, workable and detailed design with tidy renders and an interesting shape. This would be practical to make and also be a very rideable scooter. I could see this working in production. It is missing a little creativity, though.

Manufacturability: 7
Design Thinking: 5
Creativity: 5
Presentation: 3

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

6th Place Winner
Razor PowerWing by kristo.klementi-1

Razor PowerWing

Spectacular presentation. The shape is interesting (we like airplanes!). It considers all aspects of the design process and is thoroughly though-out. The lower member seems simple to manufacture. It looks a lot like existing Razor scooters, so it would have been fun to see more creativity. The injection-moulded board gives a tidy solution with manufacturability as a concern.

Manufacturability: 5
Design Thinking: 7
Creativity: 8
Presentation: 1

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

7th Place Winner
razor dragonfly by adithyan.gowtham-1

razor dragonfly

The evocative notion of the dragonfly is very creative. Maybe a whole line of "nature inspired" designs could be interesting. It may be a little too simple or flimsy. Nice idea!

Manufacturability: 6
Design Thinking: 9
Creativity: 7
Presentation: 4

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

8th Place Winner
New Power Wing Scooter by taro.nagano-1

New Power Wing Scooter

Very simple and elegant, which we love. However, it may be too derivative of the existing Powerwing. We would like to see this keep its simplicity but integrate something new.

Manufacturability: 5
Design Thinking: 8
Creativity: 10
Presentation: 4

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

9th Place Winner
Ride Scooter Even In your Beauty Dreams! by pouriya-1

Ride Scooter Even In your Beauty Dreams!

This design has tons of creativity, nice design elements, and looks fun for kids! But, the footpads aren't designed to be functional.

Manufacturability: 10
Design Thinking: 6
Creativity: 9
Presentation: 6

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD

10th Place Winner
SGCHL RAZOR Chiaunel by stefan.gales-1


We love that it's wacky and different. Great design for young children! However, the front wheels don't have a axle and don't look like they could turn. Pretty and creative, but not as functional.

Manufacturability: 9
Design Thinking: 10
Creativity: 6
Presentation: 10

- Razor, Siemens PLM, Luxion, Develop3D, and GrabCAD
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