And the winners are...

Thank you everyone for participating! RoboSavvy is really excited about their choices and found your feedback through the finalist phase in the comments very helpful in setting the order of the winners. You can expect them to pick and pull the best features from the winners as they move forward in their project. Great work GrabCADrs!

- GrabCAD

1st Place Winner
RoboSavvy Humanoid Design - unl by joshua.chung

RoboSavvy Humanoid Design - unl

This design has clever double knee joint which may work with AX12 if the position curve of the servos is synchronized and the PID compliance curve is tweaked so the servo doesn't kill itself while transitioning from one position to the next. Or, we could replace the AX12 firmware with custom firmware we have written which allows it to behave as a speed/torque-control servo. It has an unusual foot design. It has no hands. but melisa hands can be added. It has lots of shells and 3D printed parts, so building this will be challenging.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD

2nd Place Winner
RoboSavvy Humanoid Design - MV-02 by valerio

RoboSavvy Humanoid Design - MV-02

See notes on MV-03. We would only be able to select one of these in the final results, so we would love to hear the Community's thoughts.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD

3rd Place Winner
RoboSavvy Humanoid Robot V2 by mohomed.nusry

 RoboSavvy Humanoid Robot V2

The V2 is an improvement with 19 DOF like Bioloid1, 2 small servos per hand and 2 on the neck.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD

4th Place Winner
Traditional Humanoid by che-4

Traditional Humanoid

Amazing video production. The robot actually exists in their blog.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD

5th Place Winner
Space Challenger by

Space Challenger

Standard humanoid with nice 2DOF on belly. Shell is very good and we like the rotating hands.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD

6th Place Winner
Robosavvy_Aum by pratik-12


Classic servo humanoid design with a couple of twists. Antagonist pair linked servos controlling the left-right sway of the top body. May have too much metal and servos exposed.

- RoboSavvy and GrabCAD
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