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This Challenge was all about being creative with a new tool. GrabCADrs really responded to the ease of use of ZWSOFT and members shared tips for creating with over 140 comments and 62 entries! These entries had it all great modeling, renderings, good use of ZWCAD software, and the Community loved them, too.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

1st Place Winner
Mech R14 by remus.pacis-1

Mech R14

This walking robot is designed completely from the scratch in ZW3D with nice surfaces built from the sketch. This entry is well-formed with lots of surface modeling techniques in ZW3D. For instance, it is very smart use SWEEP to build the nice electrical devices by working with multiple curves. Besides, morphing is also applied to transform the shape. In all, this detailed model is well-designed with ZW3D.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

2nd Place Winner
RHINO FIGHTER 001 by cristian--21


This entry is well-designed with combination of the solid and surface in the drawing. Its designer uses a lot of techniques to split the solid to surface, which is the power of hybrid modeling. Plus, only several simple modeling features of ZW3D, like EXTRUDE, FILLET &TRIM etc., are used to generate the nice parts like wings and motor.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

3rd Place Winner
Freezemobile by roland.sandor-1


The idea of this entry is fantastic. Designer starts the model from the sketch in ZW3D and builds a lot of detailed parts to finish the whole assembly. Plus, 3D modeling of this entry is great simplified by using the 2D drawing to make a 3D model with lots of sweeping and trimming techniques. The tail of the car is interesting, it is nice job by using only a few modeling skills.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

4th Place Winner (Most Creative)
ZW3D Dragon for a hero by stefan.varga

ZW3D Dragon for a hero

One of the most creative entries in this challenge which combines the dragon and human, and shows the power of nature. And it’s also well-formed with ZW3D modeling features like morphing and loft etc.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

5th Place Winner (Most Popular)
BOREALIS by tomas--16


This entry has 101 Likes, 51 Comments, and 203 Downloads from the GrabCAD Community and led in these categories at the end of the Challenge. We see why this design was so popular. It's sleek, has good workmanship and

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

Honorable Mention
F1 Bat Cruzer by jamie-75

F1 Bat Cruzer

Added by popular demand from the Community and because it looks like one sweet ride!

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

Honorable Mention
Phantom by sudhir.gill


Lasers, space travel and a great design! We bet this entry steers like a dream.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD

Honorable Mention
The Hell Ride by anirban.ghosh-1

The Hell Ride

Watch the video for this compact but impactful vehicle. We like the white hot blue flames renderings.

- ZW3D and GrabCAD
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