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.Got my 2 year degree in Computerized Drafting and Design (includes Hand Drafting), Currently enrolled at the University at Buffalo, studying in Environmental Design and Urban Planning and minoring in Architecture. I'll gladly take any ones help or advice thank you!! More models coming soon!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Universtiy at Buffalo Environmental Design, Urban Planning and Urban Design 2010 - 2015

Urban Design is the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages. Whereas architecture focuses on individual buildings, urban design address the larger scale of groups of buildings, of streets and public spaces, whole neighborhoods and districts, and entire cities, to make urban areas functional, attractive, and sustainable.



Workstation specs: Custom Dell XPS 1000 GB Hard Drive 16 GB of ram Core I7 Processor
Honors and awards:

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