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"Watch this! Oops! Bang!"


Having started in an industrial design firm I had the luck of moving to a great old and now defunct US company with whom I stayed for nearly 20 years. I never designed a thing, I was all the time in Project Controls positions running a few big ones. Nevertheless I managed to acquire rather decent proficiency with 2D CAD in circa 30 years. Due to the current world economic mess I ran into harder times but after a few years in lesser jobs I finally decided to move on my own. Sorry, no details for the time being, but in any case this was the motive to go into 3D, so I'm now entering the Rhino field. For the time being all my 3D work is too company-oriented so all rather simple and nothing of really great interest, with no requirement to do pretty texturing as I see here, but in any case if I do anything interesting there will be no reason not to post. In the meantime I just enjoy the excellent work I see others posting, and have no qualms at all in applauding those that strike me most, especially the fantastic animations some of you make! Thank you all very much for putting up with my rants, if I sometimes sound like an idiot, please rest assured that I am an idiot :-))


work experience

Top Secret Airplane Works CEO

I'm my own boss now, which means I can freely rant at the IIC (Idiot In Charge)!



Hardknocks School of Life Sciences Graduate, Mech.Eng.



Workstation specs: Intel i5-4460 @ 3.20 GHz 64-bit, 8Mb RAM, on Win-10. Main CAD is Rhino 5, CNC router is a StepCraft v2-600, with toolpaths generated on DeskProto and UCCNC.
Honors and awards: Honors: GrabCAD member :-)
Interests: Too many for my own good.

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