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Born in Italy, currently lives between Dubai (UAE), West Africa, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Started working in 3D in 1986 on Unix based Workstations running Computervision and Intergraph surface modelers. Then moved on NeXT and Win NT platform, mainly working with Rhinoceros since its first beta release in 1995, SolidThinking, Bentley Microstation (beta tester for V5) and SDRC I-DEAS. Certified on Catia V5 by MSC institute of Technology. Proficient in the use of 3D Modeling and Rendering, mainly using Rhinoceros 3D + Maxwell Render. Personal website:


work experience

Korum Marine FZ LLE - Dubai Managing Director January 2011 -

In charge as Corporate Image and Communication Mgr at various Companies in Italy Design consultant in the field of Toys, Interior Design, Product (consumer) Design, Industrial Design, Advanced Composites for the Marine and Aerospace, Yacht Design - Automotive.



Liceo Scientifico Giordano Bruno - Mestre/Venezia High School 1972 - 1977

Attended the University of Architecture in Venice (not completed) - Studied Marketing and Communication - Trained in Ergonomics in Milano



Workstation specs: HP Dual Xeon 24 cores - 16GB - Quadro - 2 x 26" - 3DX SpacePilot
Honors and awards: IF Design - SMAU ID - Suzuki - BIO Ljubljiana - MacWorld Best of the Show - Bowlers Best in the World 2010 - ISPO innovation awards 2016
Interests: Skydiving, Polar Explorations, Tech Diving, Speleology, Nature, Music, Photography, Technology.

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