14mms CCW thread

Hi everybody. I need a 14 mms counter clockwise thread 3D model, both inner and outer.
Possibly in IGS or STEP format.

Help anyone?


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How accurate do they need to be?
Are you looking for something that looks like a thread? Or are you planning to send the file to a CNC machine, and it requires accurate tolerances between the male and female threads?
Also, you'll need to specify the thread. 14mm basically defines the diameter. Other information needed includes:
- pitch
- Profile (also known as the standard)
- Tolerance class

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I made some parts: M14x1 Thread Counterclockwise (Left Handed)

Solidworks models are last saved in 2017. The step files should import to other CAD/CAM programs.
An image with the reference dimensions is also provided.

Normally a thread of this size would be done by hand with a tap and die set.
M14X1 is an uncommon size so it may take a little more searching to locate a left handed die.

The male and female threads can have the same angle (60°), but they can't be the same height. Threads (and everything else) require clearance to work.
Threads don't terminate in sharp points either. The standard calls for truncated tips, but rounded tips are also an option if required.

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I need to send it to a CNC service.
Please check the attached picture

Male and female have the same dimensions

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Fred I've checked your files, they're exactly what I was looking for. Very clean files.
Thanks a lot, really.


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