37mm screw mount modelling help

Hi guys,

I was hoping someone could help me guide me on how to create a 37mm screw mount for this lens: https://www.moondoglabs.com/store/#!/1-33X-Anamorphic-Adapter-Lens-37-mm-thread/p/55253074/category=8525657

I want to model an iPhone case with a 37mm screw mount that I could use with the linked lens. Just screw the lens to the case and avoid using a clip and other crappy adaptations.

Unfortunately I don't know how to make the screw mount that would accept this particular lens.
These guys have a case that does the same thing but I'd like to create something less bulky and 3d print it:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Less bulky and 3D printed?
I think the only way to pull it off is to go with a DMLS process to create the part out of metal.
When people speak of 3D printing they most often refer to the FDM process, and I don't think that is going to give you a functional part at this size.
If trying to avoid a clamp or clip, consider something which will slide over the phone. I did not see a weight listed for the lens, but if it has glass in it, it is going to be heavy and require adequate support.

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Thanks for the input but before contemplating on that, how do I model the screw mount itself in 3d?

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Had to do a little research on this but, I like to know my options going in. Easier to design around systems when you know what's available.

Seems this lens is offered with the iPro lens mounting system which works a lot like the mounting system on dedicated cameras with changeable lenses; 3 tabs, one of which is likely larger, insert, turn and lock.


Designing around a lens with this mounting system is a bit easier assuming that the clocking of the lens is somewhat critical.

If you're trying to market this, know that I came across a number of cases on my search, one in particular from Schneider; the iPro lens developers. If you're building one for yourself, then DMLS will certainly be an expensive route.

SLS is a feasible option as well. Look at materials like, Duraform EX. Not an inexpensive option either... but nothing you could build is going to come in at anything south of the product Schneider is mass producing.

Good luck.

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From the images provided it looks like a female thread is the mounting method. To design the thread, it needs to be identified. It is most likely a common thread used for many lenses, but it is best to be positive.

Cmalco mentioned a bayonet type of interchangeable system, and that would be handy, but photo C above looks like a threaded socket.

The threads are most likely rather fine, so creating them in "plastic" will not be a good idea. DMLS is possible, but expensive. I'd look into having the threads machined (once they have been identified. A lathe or mill (with single point thread cutting capabilities) should be able to produce these with little trouble.

Spec sheets for the lens should identify the thread used.

Another critical factor is alignment with the existing lens, and proper spacing for the focus. I still believe metal is going to allow for the best fit and function, but I could see some early prototypes made of a rigid material like DSM Nanotool for testing.

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The bayonet style lens is an option from the lens maker. It's made specifically for the iPro lens system.


Cases specifically for the iPro system:


Just throwing more options out there, but if I were designing something, this is the route I'd opt for. I don't like fine threads in printed materials and if I had no other choice, it would get an alloy insert.

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In the meantime, I found a solution, a max script that made life easy. I took manual measurements because the product developers do not answer to any inquiries. It is already being printed and shipped to me. We'll see how it works out.

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