3D bulb in AutoCAD?

I'm trying to model 3D bulb in AutoCAD? As I'm new in 3D AutoCAD your help would be much appreciated. See the file attached. Thanks

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Simple in AutoCAD.
Create your bulb profile as a polyline.
Revolve it.
But this will give you a solid bulb.
You must create a closed profile of the bulb with the glass thickness to achieve an empty bulb.
The rest is fairly easy using the same procedures.

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try to use revsurf in mesh for an alternative in revolve command...

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I don't usually make 3d models in Autocad since I use Inventor and then export to dwg, I think that you could use the revolve command.

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check out this short tutorial I made ​​for you

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soooo many ways to do this. the revolve command on a poly line would be my first choice, but the loft command could also make the shape of the bulb. Or, create a sphere, then below it, make a square and a taurus to match the concave curve of the bottom half of the bulb. subtract the taurus from the square, and then combine the two solids. of course, after this in order to hollow the glass you'll have to use the shell command, and remove the bottom face. that's the fun of 3D modeling: finding the methods that suit you best, and using them to increase your efficiency.

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Here is a youtube tutorial that explains it all

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/3d-bulb-in-autocad

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