3D Printing : Help Needed

I was looking into getting some of my stuff 3D printed but I don't know how to go about getting it done and where to go in order to get my models printed. (The models are small desk decorations and puzzles)

Would anyone be willing to 3D print my Super Mario models and send me pictures of the results?

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Your STL files can be 3D printed in a variety of materials from service bureaus like ShapeWays (http://www.ShapeWays.com), i.Materialize (http://i.materialise.com/) or Sculpteo (http://www.sculpteo.com/), all of which allow uploading of STL files, which are then validated, and if printable, can be ordered for print and delivery to you.

The STL files attached in the OP seem to be all solid. Also, the meshes are unoptimized, at least for the Shy Guy Figure, which I checked. Ideally, the models need to be "shelled", i.e. hollowed out inside, so that only the outer shell needs to be printed - this will save a lot of cost and time, whether from a professional service, or on a personal 3D printer. The shell wall should be marginally thicker than the specified minimum wall thickness (specified by the service bureau) for the material selected for the prints.

NetFabb Basic is a free tool that can optimize the meshes and correct flipped faces if any. For shelling, either use the 3D modelling tool the STLs were created in, or purchase NetFabb Private, which has both shelling and automatic STL repair features.

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