Add a new version of this CAD model

Add a new version of this CAD model :)))))

This is one of the best updates I have seen added to this web site over the past months....
Not so much a question just a message to say thank you to the GrabCAD staff for working so hard to keep this the best web site on the internet for its community members.

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It is were you would add a render for someone's model
there is now the option to add an update to the persons
profile only with a CAD model now...

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Hi everyone,

I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but I have a Little concern about this new feature…

First I would like to state that I’m all about sharing my models and love being part of this community. And also that I think that this is a really cool feature, but I think model owners must have control on which models can be modified and what is displayed on their profile. I’ll elaborate:

What I’m concerned about is that if every model is available for “New Version upload” by 40.000+ people, things can easily get out of control. The alternate versions are fine when they improve the model or add cool features to it. But what if the version is not liked by the owner, or misrepresents the intended purpose of the design… That is impossible to control… And as the time passes, the model’s page would be filled with lot of alternate versions, great, good, bad, ugly... Do we want this in “ALL” our models??

What I’m trying to say is that the owners should have an option that allows them to decide if they want others to add alternate versions to the models. Like a check box in the upload page which you “tick” if you allow others to add versions… or something like that….

Please don’t get me wrong. I have several models uploaded and I wouldn’t mind having alternate versions of most of them. But there are a few designs that I would like to keep unchanged.

I’m not against this feature; in fact, I would have a lot of fun making versions of other models. But I’m aware that something that I would think is cool, is not necessarily so for somebody else. I would totally respect his desire (and right) to share his model only as he designed it.

This isn’t about jealousy or arrogance… Is about the right to control what is displayed in your profile… I think it’s just fair…

This is my opinion… Would be nice to hear other people’s thoughts…


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i have uploaded the AutoCAD model of my file... rest is upon you sir...

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William, you're extremely quick and have a sharp eye! (But that's the characteristics of a good engineer, eh ;))

Indeed, we rolled out a very first release of a versioning function.
<strong>The feature at current stage is very minimal, what you can do at the moment is:</strong>
- upload your version of other engineer's uploaded file via comment (similar to adding a render)
- leave a short description of what you've changed in the comments
- the uploaded version appears for download in the upper right column next to screenshots, you can download all the versions there.
- in the comments the new version links to the new version file page where you can add renders and screenshots and independent comments to this specific version.

ALL feedback is more than welcome. We've kept the starting functionality at minimum and will add useful features based on what you think is missing or should be changed in principle.

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