Adding a "Path" configuration

I am trying to create a configuration that allows you to select the path for a sweep boss extrude. More specifically, I would create a new part. Then I would create a 3D-sketch spline only. Afterwards, I will be able to drag the "routing" part from my library and it would allow me to select the path to sweep. Also I will be able to select the appropriate diameter for the sweep profile from a pre-configured list. I've done this once around a year or so from a file I found online but I have seem to lost it. Does anyone here know how? Thanks!

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1 Answer

Via Weldment:
1- create a part and save as .prtlfp in "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\lang\english\weldment profiles\iso\angle iron"
2- create a sketch as profile
3- Right click on sketch in tree manger and select "add to library"
4- save part.
5- In a new part create path
6- In weldmet toolbar select "Structure Member"
7- In left panel select "ISO"->"Angle Iron"->the file that save past.
8- select path and OK it.
I hope this guide be helpful.

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