Are there a way to speed up solidworks while working on great assembly?

I am working on a assebly that include about 100parts. solidworks making me crazy sometimes. freezing and shutdown...
are there anything to do?

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here a tutorial about Speed Pak

it is a simle way to speed up the solidworks while working on assembly.
and without any losing file referances

Answered with a tutorial:

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Martin has a point, fasteners can make assemblies very heavy with no added value, especially if you download fasteners from mcmaster with all the threads modeled as helix.
Also turn OFF EDGES ON SHADED MODEL. This will instantly improve performance

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Use speedpack. Just search in the help and you will find useful informations

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I don't know what you are working on... but if you have a lot of bolts and nuts, make sure there is not a lot of cosmetics and details on them this can sometime give you quite an hard time !

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Only 100 parts? Must be complex parts! Try changing large assembly mode to 80 parts - default is 500 (auto switch) or use large assembly mode manually. Load components as light weight. Could even try reducing image quality in settings.

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