Are there any sideeffects when using the subassemblies?

When I am working with assemblies that consist of large part numbers is it better to work with sub assemblies or just parts?

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i think we cannot move or change the sub assembly in the assembly without using the edit assembly option.
for example if u have a scissor lift mechanism as a sub assembly in an assembly u cannot change the height of it then and there without pressing the option edit assembly.
i think it might be the only side effect if we use sub assemblies

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I think the more levels of sub-assemblies that you have the more impact it will have on performance, but I use sub-assemblies all the time moderately and I notice no change in performance, use folders too they're quite handy.

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You sometimes loose a mates, but when you wish change a subassembly you can get a amusing results. From that reasons you must planning subassemblies. I've worked with it and when I changed subassembly I got a unpleasant result and sometimes is better to do all from skratch- it's faster and less mind pain.

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