Assembly parts as separate models.

I'm currios what other GrabCAD users feeling are on a subject. I have my French Press assembly here that has 14 parts. Some is these parts could stand alone as good models here on GrabCAD such as the backing spring wich is a circular spring with two configurations for compressed and relaxed as well as the glass beaker. Is it ok to upload these as seperate models so people don't have to download the entire assembly? And is so, should I upload all of pieces separately also? I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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I'd leave it as an assembly. Downloading large files isn't a problem these days.

There are many individual parts on Grabcad. In many cases I wonder why anyone would want to download them (they seem neither interesting or useful). With the assembly, you can understand clearly what each part is, whereas as individual parts they'd be little more than random objects.

You could offer a version without the drawings as some people may only be interested in the model. That would give a much smaller file size.

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Some times better uplode models separately or one assemble in archive formats.

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It depends what part it is. Take a wheel on a car. It's tedious work to make the rim, tire, and brake, so someone makes it and uploads it. Then people can use it for their car models and save time. Obviously, a spring and a wheel are not the same, but the premise is the same.

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i think you can upload some of the parts separately which are not available independently on Grabcad library.

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