Autodesk Inventor Question - Combining Solid Surfaces

Is there a way in inventor to combine all the different surfaces on this chanel (see attached picture), to create one smooth surface?
It would make life a lot easier when doing the CAM program, instead of having to pick each individual surface.

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I've looked for the same feature, and not found it in Inventor.

A friend was able to change a setting in his CAM software to select adjacent surfaces, and speed up his end. Unfortunately I don't know what software he uses.

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Hey Nuno, I do not know if this will help you out or not?

Why not save the .IPT as an .IAM and then open it... That way it will be all one part that you are selecting?

If this is no help I shall ask tomorrow if there is another way around this as off the top of my head that is the only way I can think of right now....

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If I got it right...
Maybe a new part and then try to derive this part in to the other...
Don't forget to check first the options that given on the top of the dialogue.
It has an option to join everything.

Did you try that?

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I got you, got you now....

The answer is "I have no idea" & Kevin might have put the best on table untill now!!!

Although I know that.
G0 - Positional (i.e. the edges of a primitive cube)

G1 – Tangent (the default filet in most CAD apps)

Up to that point you have separate surfaces....

From G2 and after the surfaces are blended
Quick try with a loft... to check if I am right (I hope I am)

G2 – Curvature (for smooth surface blends where you start to evaluate surface highlights)

G3 – Curvature (a higher degree of continuity than G2, generally referred to as acceleration)

At least we can face the root of the problem or at least we try... ;)

Best regards Guys

P.S. Kevin if you find anything please let us knnow

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I tried using a blend, on my semi finish it worked good, but on the finish, the machine gave me an error, to much information maybe...

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Asked the IV God today Numo about your problem and showed him.... It can not be done!!!.....
The way I was doing it with .IAM was wrong also

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ok thanks guys... i guess i'll stick with picking them one by one. ;)

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