Autodesk Inventor Studio Problem

“Hi everyone, I have a weird problem that's driving me nuts.
When I setup my camera movements I always do a Preview (no render) of the movie before I let the computer render it. I've set up the camera like I want to, an d the Preview looks great, but when I do a normal render, the camera is off.
It looks like the camera moved down and zoomed in. I've rendered the Preview (no render) again and the camera looks the way I set it up. But when I start the normal render it changes back to a wrong camera position (again down and zoomed in).
I've already tried restarting Inventor and the computer, but nothing changed.
Can anyone help me fix this problem?”

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1 Answer

At first guess, the effect you are seeing might be due to the rendering being at an aspect ratio different from the way the workspace panel of your screen is set up. The resultant render is being cropped top and bottom compared to what you see in previews.

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