Blender rendering to 3d printing

i have a created a few renders using blender. I dont know how to 3d print those items.
which format to use?

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4 Answers

The most common format for a printable monochrome 3D model is .stl (STereoLithography).
To export a .stl, go to File / Export / .stl

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You'll need to find out what your/the 3D printer will accept.
STL is the most common format, but if you've rendered a model, you may wish for it to have color. In that case VRML, or AMF may work well.

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Thanks to all
how can I export vrml from Blender?
need some guidance please.

thanks and kind regards


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in file\user preferences\addons
active the addon import-export: vrml2
and after file\export\vrml2

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