BOM and Changing Balloons on a drawing to include a instance count, SolidWorks

Good Afternoon,
I'm working for a client that wants "Build Sheets/Pick Tickets" with an assembly drawing and BOM/BOL. This document has the goal of being handed of to a shop tech, who can walk around grabbing the parts needed and writing down the asset/serial numbers as they go. Ideally I need to change the BOM to only have one item per line. Any work arounds out there that I am missing?

The other ask is to change the balloon number to "item number"."instance Number". i.e. (3.1) and (3.2) would refer the the BOM item number "3", instances 1 and 2 respectfully.
Attached is a screen shot of what I am attempting. Current I am doing it by hand, and I can see it leading to issues in the future when the assembly is updated. Not to mention it's gosh darn tedious :