Burning Inventor Files

Can I burn inventor part files onto a cd or do I need a dvd to do that and what is the procedure for burning said files.

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All digital "stuff" can be written to Flash memory (USB-stick), CD, tapes... without loosing a single bit or byte. That's a main difference to Analog recording. Some hi-fi folk say: You can hear it's digital because the pulse and hertz of audio is not like sin curve. (I do not go details now. I try to make this common sence) They are right, it is true – In stead it's like Excel Bar Chart with all bars going very near that sin "spline". But that "bar" is just what we need for store programs or for example CAD-models. To Your question then.

Yes You can, no problem. Make sure Your disk is type xxx-r ot xxx-rw. -R means ones written (recordable), -RW means rewritten. I personally use only -R (once written)

What You need depends on Your model/assembly size and of course can Your hardware play/record blue ray, DVD or only CD (check what it stand in front panel of Disc player or from Control Panel.System):

CD-R(W) up to 700 MB (Normally enough). 10 discs ~ $5. Cheap!
DVD-R normal 4,38GB [I think that would be the size of Nuclear power plan]
Blue Ray up to 100GB (4 sided) [Moon station with 10 what ever power plan]

Depending of Your operating system You may need extra software to burn data (model) to discs. Do not worry, many are free. Save normally, use free Software to copy and burn to Disc. If You need pro-version ex. Nero software will do all tricks You need for $70.

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