Calculating beam maximum supported load

Hey im kinda new in solidworks and i want to know if there is a way to calculate step by step maximum supported load for a beam ( like at some point i can say that an HE 100A alloy steel L=1000mm can support 1000 tons) ty for your answers

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3 Answers

When you draw the beam in solidworks, you can get the section properties (evaluate section properties). Use the Ixx or iyy of that. Then calculate the rest with some mechanical formulas for the max stress.

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Ty for your answer , i tryed your solution and i dont know if im getting the correct results , if you can pliz share with me your results for this :
Beam : HE 100A
Lenght : 2000 mm
i want to know :
- Max supported Distributed Load.
- Max concentrated load (midle of the beam)

Ty so much for your answer :)

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ty for your answer ill try it out and let you know

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