Can't pattern Dome feature in Solidworks 2015

I have a rebuild error saying, "The face selected for the dome feature is no longer in the model. Please use Edit Definition to re-select the face." I have no idea what that means. Anyway the attachments are on the bottom with my problems. Also I'm not sure if my "Bridge Loft" is correct either. Am I supposed to use my trained eye to get it as close as possible or is there a method?

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I don't have SolidWorks 2015 loaded, so I can't send the file back to you, but maybe a few images will help?
For the dimple features:
I'd personally not use the Dome feature. Instead I'd create a dome as a revolved sketch. The sketch gives you much greater control over the shape. You've used a dome though, so to pattern it you'll need to use a Face pattern instead of the feature pattern you were trying.
As the error mentioned, the dome is dependent on the split line/curve feature. You can't have more domes without more split faces. So pattern the face of the Dome instead of the Dome feature. See attached screenshot.
I'd also use the Geometry Pattern option since all the Domes are the same, it might make the solve go a little faster.

You're Loft looks OK, but as you said, there is some guessing done to line up the points. If you want better control (which you should), you'll need to make it easier to connect the profiles.
You have the circle which can be considered to have an infinite number of points in it. Then you have the profile from the bottle. It is made up of four lines and four arcs, so it has eight (8) points in it.
When making a loft, it is best to match the number of points between the profiles. In this case, it is not critical since you have a circle. If you were dealing with another shape (i.e. a hexagon), you'd have a mess and would need to do some extra work.
In this case you can divide the circle into smaller segments (see attached image).
For the loft controls, I'd use curvature continuous instead of tangent if it is/was an option in SW2015. I'd also set the loft to be tangent along the vertical vector (i.e. top plane) when it connects to the circle (see image 3).

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I did not encounter any error by checking the "Geometry Repeat" option. By simplifying repetition since it does not solve the function, the repetition of geometry needs no other face than the face of the dome itself ! SW 2016

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