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I want to assign spacebar for hide/show command. but A pop up error message appears saying 'space is already used by IMA-Modification' as shown in the image. pls see attachment. Need help. thanks

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First of all IMA stands for imagine and shape and though i very rarely use imagine and shape ,from the attached image it looks like that when u will be in img.&shape and then if u press the spacebar the MODIFICATION tool will pop up.So my logic says that u better assign the space bar key shortcut after assigning the IMA modification tool with another keyboard shortcut or none at all.Try it and do tell me what's the result!!

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in catia some commands has already assigned. example F3 is shortcut of specification tree for hide/show. space will be one of them. i suggest you another way. you can use only word but you must use them with altgr button. altgr deactivetes command line. example you can assign H word for hide/show. when you want to use push altgr+h. and hide show will active. and the other commands will be use with same method.

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-Start Menu
-Sketch Tracer -> you have to use this module, like assembly design or part design, afther this
-Tools/Customize -> commands, select all commands, find the "IMA - View Modification" -> Show properties and you have to delet F2 from Accelerator!
-Tools/Customize -> commands, select all commands, find the "Hide/Show" -> Show properties and you have to use F2 as Accelerator!
- Thats all.

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Finally found
Type below in accelerator for Hide to space bar as shortcut to Hide

It works 100%

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-Start Menu
-Sketch Tracer -> Lock
-Enjoy your keyboard

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