CATIA Mouse Button Shortcuts

Hi, I have a mouse that has an extra two buttons where the thumb lays, and I'd like to use these for shortcuts in CATIA.

Does anybody know how to do this or is it not possible?


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I finally managed to do it.

I have 'Button 4' configured for 'Constraints' and 'Button 5' configured for 'Hide/Show', which has improved my workflow nicely.

I assigned keyboard shortcuts to the commands in CATIA, and then use software 'X-Mouse Button Control' to assign those commands to the extra mouse buttons, which you could probably also do with any software that came with your mouse.

Answered with a tutorial:

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he visto unos videos donde seleciones una entidad (ejemplo una arista ) y te despliega los comando que puedes utilizar eso se configura o es un nuevo catia??

tambien que en la operacion (ejemplo una extruccion) dentro de ella se guarda el boceto

me podrian ayudar agradezco sus respuestas

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Hi there to everyone,
I bought a 3D device from 3Dconnexion company. I´m engineer and I get used to work with CATIA Dassault sistems software. At first you must CLOSE CATIA.

If you have this device and you would like to add Control buttom to your device into CATIA software go into your computer to C:\Users\"YourUser"\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg and you will find an .xml file called "CATIA.xml". Chage it for this other that i made:!N9wAhDaZ

The pass for thge file is : !um8zKIt2KQPQSD_neY9kPsOm07D87UXml5L1V_d8qdM

Now, restart CATIA software and enjoy!
I test it by myself, it works because i make it. ;D

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