Catia Middle Mouse Button Problem version v5R21

Is their any way to just use( middle mouse button + any other button) to change the coordinates of your part, if yes than how can i turn it off? Because of my crappy mouse i think i accidentally changing coordinates of my model, repeatedly. Any idea what i am doing wrong?

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I think you should just buy a new mouse.

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hii,check out this
In the Tools -> Option -> Devices and Virtual Reality; you can switch on the Tablet Support. Like below and press Ok to Options window.

This setting will add 3 buttons in CatiaV5 screen as below, thru’ which you can Rotate, Pan, Zoom In & Out.

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Never heard something like that :)

You can copy it but translate :(

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Hi friend first of all, I would like to receive a picture about this issue, I was thinking if you can make, that I sent you, see picture below:
When you have time please send us a picture about thi issue, to give you some reccomendations.

Best Regards,

Answered with a tutorial:

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Try to upload some photos dear friend so that we can try to help you to solve this issue

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