CATIA vs Solidworks

I know CATIA is more powerful, more expensive and not as user friendly as Solidworks but i cant find any solid differences between the two. Are there any features that CATIA has over Solidworks? I am doing a research project and info on CATIA seems to be limited or extremely hard to come accross.

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This is just my opinion and that is all it is
One of the big advantages is that solid works is price
After sales service as well
I live in south Africa there is no reseller or seller of CATIA in south Africa so what is the use of me buying CATIA if I can’t get any training on it. In university’s technicons in South Africa the give classes in SolidWorks.
What is the use in having an expensive package that can do anything but you don’t know how operate the package. I also know that Solidworks resellers has to have an x amount of application engineers per x amount of solid works seat(users) in an area

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It's like comparing a Mercedes and a BMW...
The both are great but it is all about what you want to achieve with the program...
What i do know is there there are far more Solidworks files to be found on CG.

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There's a reason why most OEM Car, defense, ship, aero & F1 teams use CATIA. As far as i can remember it's not even possible to extract a surface in Solidworks, you have to offset it by 0.

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