conversion from .CATPART to STEP ?

Hi everyone ,
I have more than hundred catia parts which i need to convert into Step .
I need to know can i call up multiple files at same time in order to convert into STEP ?

or is there any other way to do this task ? because it is very tedious to call single file and save STEP .

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Please send me your emal, I can not send pictures and documents by here!!!

I have a solution my friend!!

My name is

have a good day.

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Its ready friend, I ve sent you some files .zip

Hope can help you with this issue.

Best Regards,

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Open the CATIA Batch Management (in the start menu CATIA subfolder TOOLS) or CATUTIL.exe in the binary program directory. Then Select "Batch-DXF-IGES-STEP".

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Hi Hugo Alanis,

I want to convert into step files a big product which have a lot of catparts.
Can you help me also with this zip?

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hello Hugo Alanis
i have a same probleme, i need to convert one file Catpart to igs, step, stl or any file reconizing by rhinoceros. can you help me please

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ok friend,
save as>save the name and you can save as cgr,l or iges, depending you want. is the same procedure if you save a file in your desktop

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