STEP File conversion errors

I use Solidworks Premium 2009 for majority of CAD work that I share (to avoid future version conflictions for other users), but I have had a number of conversion errors for STEP files that I am downloading from GrabCad and converting to open in Solidworks. In Catia V5 they work fine.

These tend to be imported surface entity faults, is this common as I havent personally come across this error before? I get the error message:

"Imported geometry has [X] Check entity error(s)"

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2 Answers

Try downloading it to Catia and open it. then save the file as a parasolid extension.
then open the parasolid file in solidworks. I run across this problem alot in solidworks. When I save it as parasolid then reopen it, 9 times out of 10 it works... good luck:)

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I used to keep my old versions of Solid works to avoid conflict. You are really missing out by not upgrading to a new version though. If you need to share work just share as a parasolid or some other universal file. Most industries share that way already.

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