Convert Autodesk Inventor files to .DXF?

What is the best way to convert an Inventor file to DXF format?

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3 Answers

You Can Export from inventor like this:

Go to Save As,
Select Save Copy As,
In the dialog box in Save as type select AutoCAD Drawings
Click Options... button
Select AutoCAD file version, go to next,
Under Export Options, Data Scaling, Select the scale that suits your need:
Base View Scale - Model Space
Sheet Scale - Model Space
Full Scale (1:1) - Model Space

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Less steps...

In your layout drawing
Click Save as in the drop down menu
Click Save Copy as

hit that magic DXF

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Less less steps..
In your layout drawing
press: Alt > f > f > c (where > means: "then" :-))
to make dxf

after if U want to close drawing:

have fun

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